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This is the complete 7-volume set of “The Jumpropedia,” taught by world-champion and professional jump rope artist, Lee Reisig.  This series covers everything from the very basics of jump rope, all the way beyond what is being competed at world championships today.  This unique system is split up by category, so you only see the types of skills you are interested in.  Each volume has plenty of demos, step-by-step instruction, slow-motion video, and commentary by Lee Reisig himself.


Volume I:  Footwork, Volume II:  Swings, Volume III: Crosses, Volume IV: Releases, Volume V: Multiples, Volume VI: Power, Volume VII: Advanced Crosses  


Total: 49 lessons, Runtime: 9 hrs 29 min


These files are streaming from YouTube, so an internet connection and YouTube account is required to view them.  


You may order one volume at a time, or get a deal when you order the whole set.


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