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Award-Winning Precision Jump Rope

At Flight Crew Jump Rope, we only recruit the absolute best from the

world of competitive jump rope to perform in our shows. Each member

of our team is a World-Class athlete with years of experience. 

The things our jumpers can do with a jump rope will amaze you!

Jump Rope

Insane Stunts & Acrobatics

Our artists incorporate the same stunts seen throughout Gymnastics,

Circus, Breakdancing, Parkour, & Martial Arts Tricking with the

added complexity of jump ropes to create unbelievable

feats of accuracy and athleticism!  

Do not try this at home! 


One-of-a-kind Shows

Each show is tailor-made for the venue, music selection, audience,

& the artists performing. So even if you have seen Flight Crew perform

before, you will never see the same show twice.


Interactive Experiences

We love to involve our audience in all the fun.  Many of our volunteers have never jumped before and always end up being the stars of the show.  


Amazing Sights & Sounds

We love choreographing lighting effects into our shows, but our favorite is when the lights go out and we let our futuristic LED ropes put on a light show of their very own -- all set to high-energy music!

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