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These amazing beads use brand new glow technology to shine bright after only seconds of charge from any UV light source!


These beads are the same material as our traditional beaded ropes, so you know they will last. These beads will actually charge in the daylight, and glow at night; but for best results, use a black light lamp.


Please indicate colors in the Custom Design Instructions box.




GLOW Orange

GLOW Light Orange

GLOW Green

GLOW White




Sequence: The beads will appear in a sequence of the colors selected in the order they were selected.

Sequence (4 colors): 12341234123412341234123412341234…


Solid: The rope will be split evenly into sections of solid color, each color shows up once.

Solid (3 colors): 111111111122222222223333333333


Sprinkle: The rope will have a majority color (color 1) and the other colors will be “sprinkled in” every 6 beads (2 colors) or every 3 beads (3 or more colors). Popular with neon colors sprinkled onto a black rope.

Sprinkle (2 colors): 11111121111112111111211111121111112…

Sprinkle (5 colors): 11121113111411151112111311141115111…


Weave: This is a sprinkle pattern where the majority color changes, works best with 3 or 5 colors

Weave (3 colors): 111233312223111233312223111233312223…

Weave (5 colors): 1112333455512223444511123334555122234445…


Signature: Flight Crew’s signature pattern. Works best with 2 colors. One majority color (color 1) and one or more secondary colors (color 2-5)


Signature (2 colors): 111111212111111212111111212111111…

Rainbow: A repeating sequence of 15 colors, everything except black, white, gold, silver, and bronze.


Custom: Do you want more than 5 colors? Do you have an idea for a pattern? Let us know what you want, and we will make it.

GLOW Double Dutch

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