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Med Handles

New Handles!

We have some new handles folks.  Not only do they come with the Flight Crew Jump Rope logo, but they also fall in that sweet spot between too hard (break ALL the time) and too soft (bend too much).  I think we have a winner!  To purchase, click here, or put them on any rope.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Flight Crew Jump Rope. I hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday season.

Black Friday

I’m proud to announce that no one was injured in this year’s Black Friday extravaganza on Flight Crew Jump Rope.  Maybe that’s because we are an online store, maybe because we didn’t have 1000s of customers that day, but I prefer to think that jump rope people just don’t trample each other.  So GOOD WORK!

Shop is officially open!

It’s been a long time coming folks. First I had a website and no products, then products and no website. Now. finally, you can order of Flight Crew Jump Rope’s signature products right from your living room. Paypal is helping us out with all the credit card info, so you can trust them. If you […]

Flight Crew: Double Unders

New Double Unders DVD

    We’ve just finished making our “Double Unders” DVD for all of you CrossFit athletes out there.  This DVD has 20 minutes of double under instruction by world-champion and professional jump rope artist, Lee Reisig.  In addition, we have also included 30 minutes of lessons from the popular series “The Jumpropedia.”  These lessons will […]